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Special SAAS solutions for publishers

Special solutions are provided for publishers who want to run their own advertising business

Business marketing solutions and qulay advertising creation tools

Advertisers have the opportunity to get real-time statistics on available ads and easily create ads using special tools

Complex advertising solutions for advertisers

Advertisers can create their ads on up to 50 services such as the Internet, mobile applications, newspapers, television, city advertising through Adstor

Create your campaign in 4 simple steps


Choose a suitable
ad space

You choose one of the publisher or influencer advertising areas that suit your target audience.


Create a targeted marketing campaign

You can easily create multiple banner ads in one campaign using the tools available.


The publisher will check your campaign

The publisher or influencer will review your ad and send you an invoice.


Your marketing campaign will be launched

Once you make a payment to Invoice, an approved advertising campaign will start working.

You can grow your business with our integrations.

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Awesome Image

Powerful Tools for create advertising banners

The ad creation process is very simple, create a high-quality ad banner using special tools.

  • Animated advertising banners
  • Video advertising
  • Graphical advertising
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With our features, you can manage your business easily

Easy control/manage your ads

You can use many functions such as stopping, ending, or choosing a time interval for ads. You have full control of your campaigns and ads.

Report your invoices

You can get reports from the platform itself to run your business accounts.

Statistics for your business

Get statistics about your business process in an understandable and convenient way.

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Who can be a publisher?

those who have their own real audience, for example: Bloggers, Influencers, Owners of TV channels, Mas-media sites, mobile app creators, mobile game creators, Social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Ok, Vk, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Linkedin, ..etc) channel and groups and other websites.

Who can be an advertiser?

Everyone who wants to develop their business by selling their products and services;

I am a blogger with an audience of over 1000 people. Can I join Adstor?

Yes, if you are followed by an average of more than 1,000 people, you can start your advertising business through Adstor.

I am a blogger and have websites, what publisher do I agree with?

It's so easy, sign up via this link

We are an advertising agency, how do we use this platform?

You can watch this video instruction at there, and register there

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